Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Real Snowfall Of The Season

Here in Chicago. I had no idea. Just took Rainey out to go for an evening walk, and there was a light snowfall! Of course, it always seems special and pleasant and new when its the first time of the season--though as we all know, I'll feel differently about it come April. But oh well. I still enjoy it just the same every Fall. Rainey and I enjoyed a walk in our local park for about an hour in the new snow. Not much on the ground, just enough to make a light, slightly slushy covering that will no doubt melt soon. The walk was only marred by a man out with a girl I presumed to be his daughter, and their dog. Perhaps needless to say, they didn't feel the need to have the dog on a leash. Seems like there are more and more people like that these days. Which is fine--if you have a well-trained dog you can control. Which these people didn't. However, I managed to hold my patience until the third time their dog came running over and getting Rainey worked up in the process. It was then that I observed to them that they really should have their dog on a leash. But did the man do anything about it? Of course not. Then, the dog came running over a fourth time--at which point I was inclined to make the observation that perhaps the man should set an example in responsibility for the girl. But the dog went running right back, so I waited to see what would happen, and that time the man put a leash on the dog. So I held my tongue and went about my way thinking, yup, just another case of what a friend of mine would call obviously The Most Important Person In The City Of Chicago.

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