Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nature Quiz

So...I took a walk in the park with my new camera phone and was thinking maybe somebody could tell me what some of these are...

Purple stuff I see all over...

Closer view...

Cool...ummm...bush? tree?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Fresh Smell Of Waking Up

Since I decided to try not spending so much money on coffee, I have found the following:

Maxwell House French Roast/Dark Roast = tolerable, but in truth not all that good, nonetheless for the price, it's the one I normally go with now

Melita European Roast = tolerable, not too bad, maybe better than Maxwell House, but more expensive, quality difference not enough to justify price difference for me

Folgers Classic/French Roast/Columbian = marginally tolerable (gets better if you use a lot more than recommended, but your friends might think it's too strong that way), but usually cheaper than Maxwell House, so there's that

Hills Bros Original Blend = crap, awful taste, won't buy it again, glad I only tried one of those small containers

Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Real Snowfall Of The Season

Here in Chicago. I had no idea. Just took Rainey out to go for an evening walk, and there was a light snowfall! Of course, it always seems special and pleasant and new when its the first time of the season--though as we all know, I'll feel differently about it come April. But oh well. I still enjoy it just the same every Fall. Rainey and I enjoyed a walk in our local park for about an hour in the new snow. Not much on the ground, just enough to make a light, slightly slushy covering that will no doubt melt soon. The walk was only marred by a man out with a girl I presumed to be his daughter, and their dog. Perhaps needless to say, they didn't feel the need to have the dog on a leash. Seems like there are more and more people like that these days. Which is fine--if you have a well-trained dog you can control. Which these people didn't. However, I managed to hold my patience until the third time their dog came running over and getting Rainey worked up in the process. It was then that I observed to them that they really should have their dog on a leash. But did the man do anything about it? Of course not. Then, the dog came running over a fourth time--at which point I was inclined to make the observation that perhaps the man should set an example in responsibility for the girl. But the dog went running right back, so I waited to see what would happen, and that time the man put a leash on the dog. So I held my tongue and went about my way thinking, yup, just another case of what a friend of mine would call obviously The Most Important Person In The City Of Chicago.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I Think I'll Start My Bucket List

1. See Austin City Limits live...you know, in Austin...although, according to the website, they are going to have a new home in 2010, so doesn't look very much like I'll get to see the "famed sound stage"...so who knows, maybe I'll scratch this one...

2. Go to British Columbia.


Sunday, November 09, 2008

I Feel Old And Weak And Lazy

It was not so long ago that, on days like the one pictured above, and nights too, I'd say, hmmm, nice day, put on a coat, get some gloves, and take the dog for a walk. Today, however, we're having our first day of the season that you could call actually cold, and it's dark out, and I really don't want to take poor Rainey out, and I doubt that I will. I finally turned on the radiators, and it's pretty nice in here--whereas it is dark and cold outside. So, I filled Rainey's super duper tough kong with peanut butter, assured her she is the best dog ever, and am trying not to feel too guilty about it. Tomorrow, Rainey, tomorrow! I promise!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


A little over a week ago one of our sons came for a week-end visit. He brought with him his new female, golden retriever puppy. Her name is Clarice. She is about two months old. She is very small. Our son said her vet was even a little worried about her because of her size. I don't think there's anything to worry about. For one thing, she has doubled her weight from five pounds to ten pounds in the short time they've had her. Also, she seems very energetic and feisty. To know her is to love her. She is adorable. Our two dogs, Bear and Sadie, weren't immediately taken in. Bear didn't know what to make of her. She tried to ignore her. She would rather have played with our son like old times. But Clarice is hard to ignore. We were very proud of our Bear. She's pretty feisty and rough herself, but once she decided that this little stinker wasn't going to let her alone until they had some fun, she was very good with Clarice. She batted at her and head butted her, but always just gently enough. Even when Clarice was hanging onto Bear's ears with her teeth, Bear tolerated it. Not so with Sadie. Here's what Sadie thought: "I do not like Clarice. I do not like her at all." Unfortunately Clarice understandably saw big old shaggy Sadie as a mother figure. At one point, when Sadie plopped down against a cupboard, Clarice hopped up on her back for a nice nap. Sadie growled and snapped at her over and over. We all went for a walk on the sunny April Sunday afternoon in our north woods. Our son was showing us some big red maples we hadn't noticed. He thought that we could tap them for sap as we had done on our property in southern Minnesota. While we were looking at maples, Sadie and Clarice disappeared. I was plenty worried. I think our son was too. But just as our stomachs began to rise to our throats, here they came through the trees. Sadie was in the lead, coming not too fast so that Clarice could keep up at her heels. She gave me one of her long, sad baleful looks. I could read her mind again: " I tried to get rid of her. I don't know why she likes me so much. But see, I brought her back."